SAMAC Engineering - Our Facility

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Large Loss Experts

SAMAC Engineering is a dedicated failure analysis firm supporting insurance, legal, and commercial clients across Western Canada. We offer clients a proven record in large loss investigations of all types and an excellent industry reputation.



SAMAC is an industry leader with multiple experts across a broad range of disciplines, including:

Mechanical Electrical Fire Origin & Cause
Materials Metallurgical Product Liability
Structural/Civil/ Geotechnical Construction Defects OH&S Investigations


At SAMAC, we pride ourselves on:

  • Determining the ‘fingerprint’ of a failure using our in-house materials laboratory and inspection bay, along with routine use of SEM, FTIR, and other advanced analysis tools.
  • Reviewing all potential technical issues – design, manufacturing, installation, operation & maintenance.
  • Assessing what caused or contributed to the failure using data and logic.
  • Providing readers a clearly written technical report in simple language.

Transportation & Injury Biomechanics

Our team has the leading edge knowledge and litigation experience to analyze any type of vehicle incident for:

  • speeds
  • impact locations
  • road conditions and lighting
  • tire failure analysis
  • potential to avoid
  • restraint system effectiveness

In-house expertise includes on-road and off-road vehicles, computer simulations and animations, analysis of Event Data Recorders (both passenger vehicle and heavy truck), testing, and product liability issues.

Biomechanical & personal injury investigations include seat belt effectiveness, low speeds, slips/trips/falls, OH&S worker safety and ladders. Analyses can also include testing as well as design, building code and lighting issues.