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We have provided tire and wheel forensic services to tire distributors, insurers, and legal counsel. Typical analyses include wheel separations, tire failures, vehicle control issues, and potential for a driver to maintain control of the vehicle.

After performing many tire failure and loss of control analyses over the years, SAMAC decided in 2006 to become a Western Canadian leader in the analysis of tire and wheel failures, including whether such failures could lead to vehicle loss of control and to an eventual accident. Since that time, our staff has taken courses in the U.S. from world class experts related to tire design, manufacturing, and failure analysis. In addition, our staff has attended international tire conferences and courses dealing with the manufacture of aftermarket tires and wheels. As an example, Steve MacInnis is certified by the Tire Industry Association (TIA) as both Automotive Tire Service (ATS) and Commercial Tire Service (CTS) Instructor. Instructors are responsible for training and certifying technicians in the field.

The types of courses and conferences attended include:

  • University of Akron Tire Mechanics Course
  • Tire and Wheel Safety Issues, SAE
  • Bolt Design and Joint Assembly, ASME
  • International Tire Exhibition and Conference, ITEC
  • Tire Technology Seminar, STL
  • The Tire as a Vehicle Component, SAE
  • Retreading Operations, KalTire
  • Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association, SEMA (130,000 attendees)

The types of files where you may want to request our assistance include:

  • tire failure analysis of remaining tire components,
  • wheel separations from moving vehicles,
  • sudden air loss versus ‘blowouts’,
  • possible mismatch fit between lug nuts and wheel, wheel and tire, wheel and vehicle suspension, etc,
  • premature tire failures,
  • tire regulations and testing requirements, and
  • whether a tire failure caused or contributed to a loss of control.


We also have extensive experience in brake system analysis, on issues that may cause or contribute to a possible brake failure, and on the effect of brake system malfunctions on vehicle control. For more information on brake systems, see the articles in the Articles section.

Please contact Steve MacInnis for more information about our capabilities and how we can help you.

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