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Collision reconstruction, also known as vehicle accident reconstruction, is the scientific process of investigating and analyzing how an incident occurred. Our experts have conducted thousands of investigations into all types of vehicle collisions. We provide solid answers backed by continued research into vehicle behaviour and our instrumented vehicle test facilities. Clients have included insurers, legal counsel, vehicle manufacturers, trucking fleets, tire distributors and large industrial companies.

Although our expertise covers all areas of collision reconstruction, some areas of specific expertise include:

  • obtaining ‘black box’ data from vehicle modules
  • computer simulations and animations
  • vehicle dynamics and controllability
  • seatbelt and airbag effectiveness (including child seats)
  • tire failures and wheel separations
  • cause of mechanical failures
  • compliance testing of new seatbelt system installations
  • crash testing to replicate low speed collisions

Our investigations have included all types of incidents involving automobiles, motorcycles, emergency vehicles, tractor-trailer units, pedestrians, off-road vehicles, and cyclists. If you’re uncertain if we can help, please give us a call.

Our Transportation, Injury Biomechanics & Digital Forensics Team Lead