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Calgary based SAMAC Engineering has provided failure analysis services to thousands of insurance, legal, and commercial clients across Western Canada since 1992. Our structural group is an integral part of our large multi-disciplinary team and provides the following services:

Failure Analysis

We investigate all types and sizes of residential, commercial, oil & gas, and industrial structural failures to determine what factors caused or contributed to the loss (see website). As well, we prepare civil/structural repair programs after failures, and analyze repair costs. Our in-house laboratory, and the advanced testing and analysis equipment used, help us determine the “fingerprint” of a failure.

Repair Programs

It is essential to take the right steps after a structural failure. SAMAC’s structural engineers have the expertise to assist you in securing the structure and defining the right approach for an efficient repair. We design the appropriate repair solution for your project and provide drawings and assistance at every stage.

Structural Inspections and Assessments

SAMAC’s structural experts will inspect your building and provide you with an unbiased opinion about any potential issues. If required, we will also recommend necessary repairs and provide the necessary drawings. SAMAC has conducted hundreds of structural inspections for all kinds of structures.

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