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SAMAC engineers have the oil and gas knowledge to help clients in many different types of investigations. Examples of energy related failure investigations include:

  1. Surface Facilities and Plants
    • High pressure flexible line failures
    • $100M gas plant loss due to mechanical failure
    • Oilfield production and process equipment failures
    • Oil and gas production facility explosion due to overpressure
    • Mobile equipment fires (mine haul trucks, etc)
    • Electrical failures and commissioning problems
    • Equipment failures such as generators, motors
    • Plant operation and maintenance issues
  2. Pipelines
    • Pipeline failures, corrosion, leak causation and timing on both gathering and transportations systems
    • Pipeline construction issues, such as brush pile fires, construction procedures, industry standards
    • Pipeline failures due to installation and corrosion
  3. Subsurface Drilling and Production
    • Downhole drilling issues, control systems and related surface operations
    • Sour gas well blowout due to wellhead failure
    • Control systems failure on off-shore drilling rig

The fundamental cause of a failure may include:

  1. Design deficiencies,
  2. Improper manufacturing,
  3. Material imperfections,
  4. Errors in installation or repair,
  5. Inadequate inspection or quality control,
  6. Inadequate maintenance, and
  7. Improper operation (service conditions or unforeseen changes in service).

Only when all the issues are assessed is it possible to conclude why a component or system failed and if the failure may have been preventable.

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