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Metallurgy, Materials & Corrosion

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SAMAC’s metallurgical and materials engineers have extensive experience in applying engineering principles and practical knowledge to forensic investigations of materials failures in order to provide our clients with the answers they need. 

SAMAC has a wide range of expertise in materials failure analysis and corrosion related investigations.  Utilizing in-house laboratory analysis and testing, specialized third party laboratory analysis and practical on site investigative procedures our engineers can provide comprehensive, cost-effective solutions to the questions of “what caused the failure?”.  Whether it be stress related (overload, fatigue etc.), environmentally related (general corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, hydrogen embrittlement etc.), materials related (incorrect choice of alloy, incorrect chemistry, heat treatment issues etc.) or a host of other possible causes, SAMAC has the expertise to investigate and solve the critical questions.

The wide ranging experience of our engineers have been successfully applied to failure and problem solving investigations in multiple industries including construction, plumbing, manufacturing, oil and gas, power generation, pipelines, automobile and heavy vehicle, aircraft (fixed wing and rotary), medical, etc.

Our engineers have extensive litigation experience, working with many clients from the insurance and legal fields throughout Canada and the United States and can provide professional consultation and testimony services as and when required.

For additional information and discussion of your needs, please call Dr. David J. Coates at (587) 349-7430 or Gilles Amirault at (403) 695-1042.

Our Metallurgy, Materials & Corrosion Team