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Pipe Testing

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SAMAC Engineering has performed pressure testing and destructive examination of hundreds copper and plastic fittings for numerous clients over the past 5 years to assist in quality control and failure investigations.  At our laboratory, we have statically pressure tested fittings up to 1500 psi and also have the capacity to conduct dynamic flow testing using our in-house flow loop test bench.  We have the capability to cross section and examine fitting connections with precision in order to determine the connection quality such as adequate depth of engagement.  In addition, we can also determine if there were any issues with the material or solder quality in the copper or plastic fittings.  This testing is particularly useful in determining any installation or manufacturing issues present in the copper or plastic fittings.

Cross Section of Threaded Connection

Real Time Data Logging

SAMAC has implemented real time data logging, during times that a process could not be interrupted, in order to gather necessary data.  Temperature, pressure, and time lapse photography have all been used in the past in combinations in order to understand and subsequently analyse the system being investigated.

As an example, one customer experienced issues on a domestic cold water riser, where the riser was suspected to be slowly falling over time, potentially causing failures. SAMAC installed temperature loggers and time lapse cameras at several locations on a domestic cold water riser in order to determine the movement of the riser over 6 days.  Each installation was completed on external battery packs in order to minimize interruptions to operations.

As a result of SAMAC’s ability for real time data logging and testing, we were able to determine and subsequently provided a solution to the customer based on the data obtained.

Real Time Pressure Data Logging

Exemplar Testing

When possible, SAMAC Engineering obtains empirical data in order to aid in investigations and failure analysis.  One small example is a failure that occurred at a connection to a dishwasher.  A gasket at a threaded connection was found to have been damaged resulting in a water loss.  SAMAC conducted testing with different combinations of gaskets, threaded connections, and tightness in order to determine what factors may have contributed to the failure.  Our testing ultimately determined that over tightening, the gasket used, and the design of the fitting used all contributed to the failure.

Cross Section of Threaded Connection

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