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SAMAC experts have investigated thousands of mechanical failures on all types of equipment and facilities, including industrial, residential, commercial, agricultural, and vehicle. Other areas where we assist clients include boiler and machinery losses, plant operations and maintenance issue, and fire origin and cause. On major losses, we have the staff and consultants on call to assist in analyzing failures in nearly any industry. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss our expertise and experience on your type of loss.

SAMAC engineers are also retained directly by commercial clients and building owners to help determine the root cause(s) of mechanical issues, and potential repair options.

Whether a failure or a fire on a structure, facility, vehicle, or ship, our experts can assist in finding the answers.

Industrial Failure Analysis

SAMAC engineers offer a diversified teamwork approach to analyze oil & gas failures, industrial accidents, boiler and machinery losses, plant operations and maintenance issues. We provide the answers to determine the root cause of an incident, and the sequence of events.

The fundamental cause of a failure will include one or more of the following:

  1. design deficiencies,
  2. improper manufacturing,
  3. material imperfections,
  4. errors in installation or repair,
  5. inadequate inspection or quality control,
  6. inadequate maintenance, and
  7. improper operation (service conditions or unforeseen changes in service).

Only when all the issues are assessed is it possible to conclude why a component failed and if the failure may have been preventable. Failure investigations can be conducted for a single client or as a joint study for several parties with SAMAC providing an independent engineering assessment.

Over the last 20 years, our experience has included:

  • Boiler and machinery failures
  • Manufacturing plant failures
  • Water treatment plants
  • Commercial and residential equipment failures
  • Industrial mobile equipment (including commercial tractor-trailer units, mining, agricultural and other off-road equipment)

Examples of industrial failures investigated by SAMAC engineers include:

  • $20M manufacturing plant loss due to process upset
  • Diesel and gas engine failures
  • Beef plant conveyor system failure ($13M)
  • Compressors and generating sets
  • Fires on mining trucks
  • Failure of gas fired heater tubes
  • High pressure flexible piping failure leading to explosion and fire

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