Download our Geotechnical Failure Analysis & Repair Brochure

Unexpected ground movement can spell disaster during construction or after a project is complete, and understanding how and why it occurred is vital to ensuring it doesn’t happen again after repair.

Our geotechnical experts provide:

  • Detailed analysis to determine what has caused the failures, using proven methods and drawing upon years of experience in geotechnical engineering.
  • A repair program, including cost estimates, drawings and assistance at every stage of the project.

What are geotechnical failures?

Geotechnical failures can include:

  • excess settlement or heave of foundations
  • unacceptable movement of shoring and earth retaining systems
  • slope movement and instability
  • tunnel damage
  • groundwater control problems
  • water retention or tailings dam failures

Melting of ground ice in permafrost  (perennially frozen ground) can also lead to settlement and erosion of large areas of soil.

What causes geotechnical failures?

Geotechnical failures can occur because of:

  • unexpected ground conditions
  • inappropriate design
  • poor construction and/or poor quality control
  • inappropriate facility operation
  • poor surface water management
  • poor fluid management in fluid retention structures

How SAMAC Can Help

Our experts in geotechnical and civil engineering have the detailed understanding of geology, geotechnical engineering and civil construction to conduct comprehensive investigations and develop solutions to resolve losses.  We provide factual, unbiased technical analysis of the loss to help you make appropriate decisions in a timely manner.


Our Geotechnical Team