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Determining the cause of aviation accidents requires a deep understanding of the potential factors involved in the outcome: equipment, environment and systems Our expert engineers use their extensive industry experience — including experience in the investigation of high-profile accidents — to determine the reasons for an accident.

Areas of investigation:

  • Engine failures (piston and turbine)
  • Structural failures (fuselage, wings, baggage doors, landing gear)
  • Other mechanical failures, including propellers and flight controls

Types of aircraft:

  • Experimental aircraft
  • General aviation aircraft (piston engines and turbine engines)
  • Commercial airlines
  • Fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft

Our process:

  • Analyze all potential technical issues – design, manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance
  • Determine the “fingerprint” of failure using our materials laboratory, along with routine use of SEM, FTIR, and other advanced analysis tools
  • Use data and logic to assess what caused or contributed to the failure
  • Write clear, dependable technical reports in simple language.

Our Aviation Team