SAMAC’s Steve MacInnis and Ian Read Discuss Digital Forensics in Insurance People Magazine – November 2017

In-car navigation and communication systems are becoming more sophisticated all the time. As they integrate with our mobile devices and interact with the outside world in different ways, they also gather data about the systems within the vehicle — where it’s been, how quickly it travels, and who may have occupied it. Most of that data — known as infotainment and telematics data — is hidden from the driver, and until recently has been difficult to extract.

The advent of new technology from digital forensics innovator BerlaⓇ allows certified engineers to extract, sort, and analyze this hidden data, giving investigators even more insight into collisions or system failures. In the November, 2017 issue of Insurance People magazine, Berla iVe-certified SAMAC expert Ian Read and SAMAC president Steve MacInnis share their insights about how extracting infotainment and telematics data is proving valuable for investigators working outside of law enforcement.

Read the article, then take a look at our Digital Forensic services to learn more about how we can help insurers, lawyers, municipal fleet managers and others with their investigations.