Oil & Gas Expertise

SAMAC’s oil and gas expertise has been significantly broadened with the addition of both Chris Pierce and John Gray to our team. Chris and John join Steve MacInnis, Dave Hines, and Gilles Amirault as some of our oil and gas experts. If you have a well, surface facility or pipeline problem, give us a call.

  • Chris graduated as a mechanical engineer from the University of Alberta in 1981 after working in the oilpatch for several years. With 35+ years experience, he has the extensive hands-on field and engineering experience to support clients with pipeline and surface facility design, procurement, construction and operations issues across Western Canada. Chris has been consulting with SAMAC for over 10 years.
  • John is a mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Saskatchewan with over 40 yrs experience in oil and gas. A drilling and production engineer, he has worked across Western Canada, in the NWT & Alaska, and overseas. His expertise includes designing, planning, and supervising all types of drilling, completion, workover, well test, and surface production operations, from field level up to Drilling and Completions Manager.

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