Metallurgical Lab

As part of our expansion process we have set up a wide range of metallurgical and analytical equipment and our laboratory has been fully operational for some time. We are continually using our analytical laboratory equipment and tools for new files as well as for various in house research projects. Over a short period of time we have added a variety of new testing equipment to include high temperature heat treating furnace (with firing power in excess of 1200° C), a full scope of Buehler materials preparation equipment (including an auto-polisher), Nikon high power metallurgical microscope (with metallographic image caption capabilities), Magnaflux magnetic particle inspection equipment, and many more ready to use technological upgrades. We are in a position to handle numerous tests internally and atop our competition. As we continue to grow, we are excited to use our new toys and share our expertise. Our team is fully equipped with most comprehensive tools to take on all intricate and challenging projects.