Vladimir Panlilio - SAMAC Engineering

Vladimir has over 35 years of mechanical engineering and forensic experience in accident reconstruction, injury causation, and defect investigations (he analyzed his first car crash in 1983!). He has a M. Eng. from the University of the Phillipines (1979) and a M.Sc. from the University of Calgary (1981). At SAMAC, Vladimir is a senior mechanical engineer with a wealth of hands-on and design experience in many areas. He is primarily responsible for our equipment investigations such as boilers, HVAC design issues, engine analysis, vehicle control systems, and any subject where a detailed technical analysis is required. Vlad is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the UofC.

Prior to joining SAMAC, he headed up the University of Calgary’s Injury Research Unit for 15 years (1992 to 2006), a road safety research project funded by Transport Canada. Vladimir also has extensive experience with event data recorders and teaches the RCMP and other police agencies on how to analyze the data for use in accident reconstruction. He has been court qualified.

Background – I started life in the glare of trouble lights and wrenches. My father was an electrical/mechanical engineer who practiced his craft and taught at the the university. My mother was the patient homemaker. My formative years in the Philippines were spent in the hustle and bustle of things humming along, breaking down, and getting fixed. I spent many summers in my primary and secondary school years tagging along with my father on his projects, learning all things practical. I picked up photography as a hobby early on, becoming the photo editor at my high school. Basketball initially appealed to me but I ended up preferring volleyball. At university, I was in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corp (ROTC), specifically the artillery company. Graduate studies in North America beckoned in 1979 and I moved to Calgary. In 1982, I moved briefly to Itacha, New York where I married Mayi who was then finishing her PhD at Cornell. We have since called Calgary our home.