Tyler Haladuick - SAMAC Engineering

Tyler Haladuick graduated with his BASc in Mechanical Engineering and MASc in Impact Biomechanics – Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo in Ontario. Tyler focuses on both high and low speed collision investigations as well as injury biomechanics (speeds, vehicle motions, event data recorder analysis, occupant dynamics, seatbelts, injury causation, injury mechanism evaluation, force exposure and risk comparison, occupant kinematics, low speed impact injury assessments, and seatbelt effectiveness, etc.).

Background – I was born in Vancouver and spent my youth in Coquitlam playing hockey and snowboarding before moving to Calgary at age nine. Once in Calgary I played football all through grade school before graduating to rugby in grade 12. I continued playing varsity rugby through my time at the University of Waterloo, being named Ontario University Athletics rookie of the year, all star, and a University of Waterloo men’s varsity rugby captain. I completed my honours co-op mechanical engineering program in 2011 and decided to continue my education finishing my impact biomechanics masters in early 2014. I am the current president of the Calgary Canucks Rugby club, and still enjoy snowboarding whenever I can get out to the Rockies.