T. M. (Ted) Semeniuk - SAMAC Engineering

Ted is a highly qualified vehicle defects investigator, OH&S specialist, and a heavy duty mechanic certified Canada wide. A native Calgarian, he has over 35 years of related experience, including 11 years as Transport Canada’s defect investigator in Western Canada, 13 years with the Calgary Police Service Traffic Unit as their mechanical investigator, and 5¬†years as the OH&S coordinator for geophysical firms. Having been court qualified over 200 times, Ted offers our clients expertise in defect investigations, analysis of safety issues, event data recorders, and vehicle collision reconstruction.

Background – I was born in Calgary and became an apprentice mechanic after high school. I finished the apprenticeship and received my mechanic’s license in 1974 and my Heavy Duty Mechanic license in 1979. While living in Edmonton from 1971 – 1973 (I went there for a weekend to visit some friends and stayed for two years), I started working for a Geophysical company and made my first of many trips to the high Arctic. I worked throughout the Arctic islands, spending two years working with a crew on Ellesmere Island and travelling to north of the 80th parallel. I also worked throughout BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the NWT, as well as a summer stint in Wyoming and Colorado. I would occasionally work in Calgary during this time so I could enjoy my drag race car that I had built. In 1982, I decided to stay closer to home with the family and worked with the Calgary Police Service as a mechanical specialist and at the University of Calgary Injury Research Unit. [After spending a year in Libya as a health and safety advisor, I decided it was time to get a real job in 2009 (with SAMAC).] I enjoy teaching scuba diving, restoring older cars and working on my cabin on Shuswap Lake in BC.