Steve MacInnis - SAMAC Engineering

Steve has 35+ years of mechanical and civil engineering experience. A Civil Engineering graduate from Carleton University In Ottawa, he worked for 2 years as a civil design and construction engineer in Calgary. Subsequently he spent 5 years as an offshore drilling & facilities engineer with Energy Mines and Resources in Ottawa routinely travelling to Labrador, the Grand Banks, Sable Island, and the Arctic. After 10 years with Shell Canada as a drilling engineer and coordinator of offshore development, Steve founded SAMAC in 1992.

For the last 20 years, his focus had been two-fold; vehicle accident reconstruction (speeds, computer simulations and animations, occupant dynamics, seat belts, etc) and failure analysis (oilfield, industrial, commercial, fires, civil, mining equipment). Steve has been personally responsible for 2000+ failure analyses and vehicle accident reconstructions and has specialized expertise and training in tires failures, occupant dynamics, computer simulations, and mine truck fires (>$5M losses). He has testified over 40 times at all levels in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

Background – Born on a farm on Prince Edward Island, I was brought up in Quebec, Toronto, and Ottawa as part of an aviation family. Since I couldn’t fly due to poor eyesight (and air sickness), I became a radio operator in the Army reserve during high school and then a Navy officer during University. As a teenager, in 1967 I spent 3 days on a Mobil Oil drilling rig located on Canada’s graveyard of the Atlantic, Sable Island, 180 km east of Nova Scotia – big equipment, beachcombing and ponies, a trip to remember. After graduation from Carleton, the West beckoned and I joined Imperial Oil as a civil engineer. Over the next 12 years, I moved the family 5 more times – I must be one of the few that have moved to Calgary 4 times (1974, 78, 81, and 86)! After starting out as a civil engineer, I quickly became a drilling/mechanical engineer before Shell provided an opportunity to start SAMAC Engineering in 1992 and changed my career path to failure analysis. Activities I’ve enjoyed over the years include horseback camping in the mountains with the kids (no wives), descending in a diving bell 600 ft (180 m) to the bottom of the Labrador Sea, and travelling/working across Canada, the Arctic, the East Coast offshore, the USA, and overseas.