Oksana joined SAMAC Engineering group in July 2017 as a Lab Manager and Metallurgical Technologist. In her new role she applies technical skills along with knowledge of the Lab Management system, accumulated in extensive hands-on experience in the Mechanical & Metallurgical Testing Laboratory.

In her previous role as a Materials Technologist, she conducted a variety of mechanical testing, metallography, macro and micro photo documentation, and provided technical and operational support to Welding Technologists and Metallurgical Engineers. Oksana became the main person who was responsible for all the stages of optical emission spectrometry chemical analysis including OES calibration and maintenance as well as reviewing and signing of final reports.

Because of a number of impact tests (Charpy v-noth) she conducted on an everyday basis, some of her colleagues used to call her “charpy girl.”

Background: I was born, raised and educated in Ukraine.

Education: Machine Building College with focus on Metallurgy and Materials Science. I also obtained a Law degree with BA in Science of Law. I worked in the legal field in different roles for almost 7 years.

In 2001 I moved to Israel where I stayed for 7 years and then immigrated to Canada in 2008. The main reason behind the decision to move to Canada was safety, economic stability, and promising life opportunities.

Having been in Calgary since 2008, I enjoy opportunities this city offers, stunning Rocky Mountains and nature. I dedicate my spare time to my teenage son who aims to make it to NBA. I also enjoy swimming, hiking, road trips, gardening and photography of nature and wild birds. My true passion is traveling, especially by sea.