Kursad has over 25 years of process engineering experience in the design and operation of a wide range of petroleum refinery operations, particularly hydrotreating, hydrocracking, hydrogen production/purification and delayed coking.   Prior to joining SAMAC, he spent 14 years as a process/project engineer with TUPRAS, a major Turkish petroleum refiner.  Since 2000, he has been a senior/principal process engineer and process manager for several major EPC companies in Calgary.  He also headed up a large group of process engineers working on a joint venture to design and build several SAGD central processing facilities.

Kursad has significant expertise in the complete design of oilsands in-situ SAGD central processing facilities from oil treatment to produced water deoiling, produced/brackish water treatment, steam and power (COGEN) generation, and utilities & offsites including oil storage & handling.

Background – I was born and raised in Turkey until I received a full overseas scholarship for a bachelor’s & master’s degree in “Refinery Engineering”.  After completing my studies in the United States, I returned to Turkey and worked for 14 years as a refinery engineer.  After moving to Canada, all members of my family became Canadian citizens in 2004.  We love Calgary and enjoy visiting the nearby National Parks in Alberta and British Columbia.  I love reading books, taking long walks, tending to my lawn and garden where I grow peppers, tomatoes and other veggies in the summer.