Gilles Amirault - SAMAC Engineering

Gilles is the Director of the Property Group at SAMAC Engineering, with specific expertise in mechanical and materials failure analyses.  In addition to supervising other engineering teams, Gilles is often the lead engineer in large, complex losses that involve multiple disciplines and coordination of various engineering backgrounds, including areas such mechanical/materials, electrical, structural, oil & gas, and geotechnical engineering.  Specific examples of mechanical and material investigations include: lifting equipment, machinery failures, pipelines, industrial piping, high rise mechanical systems, amusement rides, plumbing related fractures and leaks, sewer lines, hydraulic and pneumatic hoses, hot water heaters, plastic components, and wheel axle failures.  Gilles has been court qualified.

I was born and raised in southwest Nova Scotia in a small French-Acadian fishing village and lived there for the better part of my first 18 years.  Craving some bigger city adventure, I moved to Halifax to study engineering.  Once done school, I went back to commercial fishing for a summer season before moving out to Calgary and finding a job with SAMAC.  Having been in Calgary since 2004, I’ve grown to enjoy the mountains and the active lifestyle that this area has to offer.  All of my favorite hobbies include the outdoors, be it boating, hiking, hunting, or skiing.