David Coates - SAMAC Engineering

David is a senior metallurgist, having received his Ph.D. from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England in 1980. As a result of his research efforts in oxidation and corrosion, he was awarded the 1978 Galloway Medal by the Institution of Corrosion Science and Technology. Early in his career he gained experience in the steel making and processing industries at various British Steel Corporation facilities in England. After moving to Los Angeles, USA and completing a post-doc, he became an engineering consultant with various Southern California firms before joining GE’s Nuclear Energy Division as a principal engineer in 1987. Since 1988 he has been an independent forensic and legal consultant on metallurgical issues.

Background – I was born in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England, but spent only the first six months of my life there. My father was in the Royal Air Force and I spent my childhood and teen years living in various locations in England, Holland, Germany, Cyprus and Singapore. After completing my education in England, I moved to California and been living there ever since. As a consultant, my work has taken me all over the United States and Canada with some more distant assignments along the way.

Although I have enjoyed living and working in California, I recently reconnected with a former high school girlfriend (after losing contact for over thirty years!) who had moved to Calgary many years ago. My former girlfriend is now my wife and we divide our time between Calgary and California. I look forward spending the upcoming years exploring more of Alberta, British Columbia and the rest of Canada.