Dave graduated with an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technology Diploma in 1980 and obtained his Aircraft Maintenance Engineer licence in 1982. The wide range of skills and competencies required to maintain, overhaul and rebuild aircraft for 24 years enabled him to transfer into Oil and Gas as a rotating equipment specialist for a further 13+ years.

With efficiency and stewardship in mind, his focus is on the optimization and safe operation of rotating equipment. By using reliability centered maintenance principals, consistent low cost and high reliability goals were achieved. His experience includes field compression, gas gathering systems, and production facilities with a specialty in land based gas turbines. His technical support expertise includes; predictive and preventative maintenance, failure analysis, data analysis, compression modelling, engine performance, troubleshooting and problem solving, equipment redesign and upgrades, equipment protection and the development of maintenance procedures, and standards.

Background – I was born and raised in Calgary by hard working Dutch immigrant parents. I’ve always loved things mechanical and did well in high school automotive class, but since junior high, I was and still remain intrigued by aviation. My career as an aircraft maintenance engineer has taken me to both geographic poles and many places in between. Of all the aircraft I’ve taken care of, my favorite is still the DeHavilland Twin Otter. There is a sharp contrast between aviation and oil & gas, it’s been an interesting experience blending cultures. My wife and I are proud parents of a growing family with a grandchild in tow. I value my church community and am involved in the local neighborhood. I’ve also enjoyed building small homes in El Salvador to improve the health and safety of many families. To stay in shape I play competitive sports with a preference to squash and tennis. I also enjoy golfing, hiking, scuba diving and skiing.